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“Bee You To Fill,” Mission Boutique was created by the founder of Bellezza, Tina Tuttle. The “Bee You To Fill,” tag for merchandise was designed by Marlee Harper. This tag will be displayed on merchandise, both new and handmade by the women and children within the Bellezza program and others, such as yourself. Items to be sold will include new merchandise, as well as handmade items such as purses, jewelry, candles etc. to help support the Bellezza ministry.


The proceeds for “Bee You To Fill,” will be distributed in multiple ways. A portion will go to Bellezza (a ministry for homeless women and children that provides job training for women, teaches life skills, provides counseling, a social enterprise etc). A portion will go to the person that made the handmade items being sold. The final portion will be donated to a children’s cancer charity designated by fifteen year old Marlee Harper, the tag designer, due to both her parents being cancer survivors. 

When Marlee was ten years old her mother, Brandy, had cervical cancer. She had extensive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and was unable to work for nine months. Two years later Marlee’s father, Mike Harper, also went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Having both parents go through cancer at a young age was traumatic. Marlee believes this experience showed her God’s plan for her life. She is passionate about helping other youth through difficult times in their lives and sharing God’s word. She believes Bellezza will provide a way for her to accomplish this. While participating in Bellezza ministries women and children will be assisted in discovering their God-given talents and creating items that can be sold to help support themselves as well as the ministry. Items will be sold at fundraising events as well as within our social enterprise. 


Do you have a God given talent that you would like to share and join the Bellezza team? Not only would you create some income for yourself, you would also be helping bridge the gap for women and children in need.

Another way you can support the ministry is by having your business advertised on our Bellezza website for twenty dollars a month. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our ministry in any of these ways. 

Also please like us and share on Facebook and tell others who have a passion to help women and children within Bellezza Ministries.

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