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Supporting Bellezza with God-Given Talents

Please take a minute to view some of the wonderful organizations who have taken their time to help. 


In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. MATTHEW 5:16

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Founder, Cheryl Blunt

Our goal and mission for Kids Retreat Family is to be a guide and a helper for Women, Children, and Families to help assist them in making a positive transition and creating a healthy living environment, from the traumas that they have endured.


We provide guidance, mentoring, training, resources, and assistance to help them get to a place of balance and serenity in their life’s.

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Nashville Custom Hats

(615) 506-8850

Our Little Farm

125 Limestone Road, Elora,

TN, States, Tennessee

(931) 354-1015

• Kids Retreat. Cheryl Blunt

• The Safe Place  Nate Blouse

• Our Little Farm  Rita Gardnier

• Shine Ministry

•Nashville Custom Hats JW Martin/Jordan Cundiff 

• Patton Designing Olivia Patton

  • Jill Johanningsmeier

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Thanks for the Support


The Safe Place

PO Box 283, Argyle, TX, 76226

(940) 220-9122

Nathan Blouse currently resides in Argyle, TX (a northern suburb of the Dallas/For Worth Metroplex) with his wife Kori, and his three children (Gabe 12, Faith 10, and Bella 8). He is part of a local network of churches called O2.


  Shawn Gates 
(256) 603 6920

Carole Holiday


Carole refers to herself as an "accidental author," after her daughter entered her into a writing competition with an esteemed prize of a publishing contract. Much to her surprised delight, she was awarded a book deal, and a new career was born. At a season in life when many would retire, Carole shares stories from years of shenanigans, serendipities, and yes, heartbreak.

Her first book, "I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore," reflects on the intersection of grief and faith. Carole's hope is to harness the pain of her griefs and transform it to a heart that stays "squishy" for those on the edges...the marginalized and grieving alike. She lives in Southern  California, surrounded by her nine grandchildren who think she's really cool. She would respectfully ask that you not inform them otherwise.

Angela White


(256) 683-3405

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